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Orange juice

Orange juice
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Orange juice
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Gastritis and peptic ulcers: Orange juice is very effective to relieve excess stomach acid, it also helps heal ulcers. This juice should be consumed between meals: it should be drunk without eating any food outside. Indeed, that's how it will be much more efficient!
Liver: If orange juice is the only thing that is consumed between meals, it will be very useful for the liver. Indeed, it has the ability to avoid poor digestion, bloating and food fermentation.
In biliary insufficiency: This juice will help you produce more bile, and this is also why we consider it very useful for people suffering from biliary insufficiency.
Diarrhea and constipation: It is well known, when diarrhea or constipation episodes occur, the intestines suffer a lot. This is why we recommend the consumption of this juice. Indeed, it has the ability to regulate and stabilize the functions of this body!
Indigestion: Similarly, the orange juice can greatly improve the problems caused by poor digestion. Indeed, it has the ability to remove all residues that produce intestinal discomfort.

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